Boron Trifluoride

Gulbrandsen provides industrial grade Boron Trifluoride to the petrochemical industry where we offer global logistics options.

BoronTrifluoride (BF3) is a non-flammable compressed gas that is used as an acidic catalyst or co-catalyst in a varying array of organic synthesis reactions.  It is one of the strongest Lewis acids (an electron-pair acceptor) reacting readily with chemicals containing oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur and other electron pair donors.


Boron Trifluoride is used as a catalyst for organic synthesis reactions, for the manufacture of synthetic oils and lubricant additives and in the production of high-purity boron isotopes.


Boron Trifluoride (BF3) can be found in a number of applications. As a strong Lewis acid, BF3’s catalytic properties are used for such reactions as alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons, polymerization of phenolic and epoxy resins as well as other isomerization, esterification, and condensation reactions. It is used as a source for the manufacture of high-purity boron isotopes such as those found in nuclear waste containment and neutron radiation control applications as well as applications in the semiconductor industry such as the manufacture of semiconductor grade silicone. BF3 is also used as a gas flux for soldering and brazing and in the production of diborane and other boron-containing compounds.


Gulbrandsen is one of the largest suppliers of compressed BF3 gas to the North American market. Our supply location in LaPorte, Texas, is uniquely situated to offer quick supply and superior logistics to the US Gulf Coast region. Our bulk tube trailers are designed and used for international transport, allowing us to supply bulk BF3 shipments to all regions of the world.


Weight % BF3 = 99.5% MIN
Weight % SO2 = 0.002% MAX
Weight % Sulfate = 0.001% MAX
Weight % SiF4 = 0.015% MAX
Weight % Air = 0.400% MAX


BF3 is transported in our dedicated fleet of US-DOT approved containers with service pressures to 1,800 psig:

• Bulk Tube Trailers loaded up to 22,000lbs / 10MT
• Spheres loaded up to 1,850lbs / 840kg.

BF3 is an example of how Gulbrandsen provides lower cost chemical supply solutions through manufacturing and logistics innovations. We pioneered the use of US-DOT approved ISO frame and chassis for shipping BF3 as ocean cargo, making Gulbrandsen a viable supplier of bulk BF3 for global consumption.