Glass Coatings

Container Glass Coatings

Gulbrandsen is a leading supplier to the container glass industry, supplying both chemical coatings and application equipment. We are continuously improving the quality of our products and application equipment while developing novel concepts to meet our customer’s demanding needs.  We combine the highest purity product with state of the art coating equipment, supported by the highest level of technical service under one focused group to serve our customers and deliver the lowest operating cost.

Flat Glass Coatings

Leveraging our extensive expertise in chemical production and glass coatings, Gulbrandsen has become one of the largest suppliers of hot-end coatings to the flat glass industry. Gulbrandsen can create customized formulations for the flat glass industry, developing these blends to your specifications for your CVD applications.  Our low manufacturing costs and consistent quality combine to make Gulbrandsen an ideal partner for the development of the custom coatings you need to meet the demands of the flat glass market.