A high purity, water contamination resistant blend of Monobutyltin Trichloride and a stabilizer used in hot end coating of container glass.


G-Coat-H110 is used to produce a very thin surface coating of tin oxide on glass containers providing a sound base for cold end coating materials.


When properly applied, G-Coat-H110 forms the foundation for a scratch resistant, durable glass surface. Once combined with our G-Coat brand of cold end coatings, the coated container will have the optimal combination of lubricity and surface protection needed to ensure consistent ware handling and elimination of cosmetic surface damage that may occur during automated plant inspection, packing, and high speed filling.


• Market leading quality produced via double-distillation to remove undesirable butyl tin compounds and contaminants.
• Stabilized to protect against exposure to moist air and accidental water contamination, eliminating crystal formation.
• Gulbrandsen produces the technically advanced GE-Series of Hot End Coating Hoods, combining the knowledge of coating chemicals and the application equipment under one team.
• Gulbrandsen’s highly skilled and focused Customer Service and Technical groups can provide an exceptional level of assistance with product selection, employee education, operational audits, health and safety consulting, as well as storage and handling consulting.
• Capability to recycle byproduct tin streams.
• Gulbrandsen produces customized, innovative central feed systems to save labor and product for the customer.


Monobutyltin Trichloride, % = 99.5% MIN
Dibutyltin Dichloride, % = 0.3% MAX
Tributyltin Chloride, % = 0.02% MAX
Tin, % = 41.0% MIN

* Quality checked prior to the addition of the stabilizer


• Non-returnable polyethylene –lined steel drums: 110lb / 50kg net weight
• Non-returnable polyethylene drums: 200lb / 90.7kg net weight
• Returnable steel cylinders: 300lb / 136kg net weight
• Polyethylene steel-reinforced tote bins: 3,747lb / 1,700kg net weight

Not all packages are available in all markets. Other packages are available upon request.
The product should be stored in a cool, dry environment and should remain in its unopened and sealed container until use.

Central Distribution Systems and Tote-to-Drum Transfer Stations are available to maximize the savings associated with using large packaging while avoiding the concerns of handling large volumes of product. Contact a Gulbrandsen representative to discuss how these systems may be able to help save money and improve the health and safety of your employees.