The GE-Series of Hot End Coating Application Equipment

The GE-Series of Hot End Coating equipment is designed to provide maximum efficiency in the application of a tin oxide coating onto the surface of container glass, providing even deposition and good finish protection for the ware.


To efficiently produce a tin oxide coating onto the surface of container glass.


Gulbrandsen offers a range of vapor deposition hoods that incorporate numerous design features proven in glassworks use. The design and construction ensures durability, longevity and low maintenance, all of which equate to low costs for the customer. Our engineers are continuing to perfect the distribution of vapor, exact dosage and efficient fume recovery while keeping ease-of-use, coating efficiency, and operator safety at the forefront of the design. Many items that are considered optional by other hood manufacturers come supplied as standard equipment on the GE-Series Hood.

Gulbrandsen has also developed unique material handling concepts from central distribution systems to tote-to-drum transfer stations to improve the safety and reduce the costs associated with handling our products. Gulbrandsen will provide all needed components and assemble the entire system at the customer’s site.


• The equipment is available in three lengths to suit production rates and available conveyor space: 36” (915mm), 48” (1220mm) and 66” (1700 mm)
• Ware with an overall height of 2 to 16 inches (50 to 395 mm) and with shoulder heights from 1.5 to 12 inches (40 to 305 mm) can be accommodated
• Many midsection choices are available depending on finish and body diameter
• “User-friendly” with excellent access to the interior of the hood body and easy adjustment to different ware sizes and types
• Efficient temperature control to minimize coating buildup inside of the hood
• Gulbrandsen’s highly skilled and focused Customer Service and Technical groups can also provide an exceptional level of assistance with product selection, employee education, operational audits, health and safety consulting, as well as storage and handling consulting