Monobutyltin Trichloride

A high-purity, double-distilled product used in either its pure form or as a blend with other products in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of tin-based coatings onto flat glass. It is also the primary ingredient for our G-Coat-H110 container glass coating.


Monobutyltin Trichloride is used in the chemical vapor deposition of tin-based coating onto flat glass.


Monobutyltin Trichloride and its blends are primarily used to produce low-E coatings on flat glass via chemical vapor deposition. The tin oxide coating deposited on the glass surface is transparent to visible light, reflects infrared light, and offers a low electrical sheet resistance. Doped with suitable materials, a blend can be used to apply fluorine or antimony doped tin coatings to enhance electrical conductivity.


Gulbrandsen can utilize its low cost manufacturing operations to produce customized blends of Monobutyltin Trichloride with other additives for CVD applications to produce an array of properties on the coated glass. This allows customers to take advantage of our high-purity Monobutyltin Trichloride to produce coatings free of unwanted impurities. Gulbrandsen also has the capability to recycle byproduct tin streams that result from scrubbing of CVD equipment.


As pure Monobutyltin Trichloride:
Monobutyltin Trichloride, % = 99.5% MIN
Dibutyltin Dichloride, % = 0.3% MAX
Tributyltin Chloride, % = 0.02% MAX
Tin, % = 41.0% MIN


Polyethylene steel-reinforced tote bins: up to 3,747lb / 1,700kg net weight