Metal Alkyls

Gulbrandsen Chemicals offers a broad range of aluminum alkyls, which we provide in neat form, custom blended, or blended with solvents.  From our extensive fleet of over 1000 dedicated Gulbrandsen-owned alkyl containers, we can provide these products in packaging ranging from 1-liter sample vessels to ISO units.  Due to the hazardous nature of producing and handling aluminum alkyls, our primary focus is on safe handling of these products by both Gulbrandsen and our customers. We routinely provide on-site customer safety training for our aluminum alkyls as well as regional safety training programs. Our fleet of containers is the youngest in the industry, resulting in state-of-the art safety with containers that are easy to handle and operate.

Over the last 25 years, Gulbrandsen has earned a global leadership position in many of our markets by establishing the highest standards in our product quality,our logistics performance and our business ethics.  Gulbrandsen continues this level of excellence as a global supplier of aluminum alkyls.  The sustainability and success of our business depends on how well we manage the risks associated with the manufacturing and supply of these products.  As a result, we have an intense focus on safety and an active product stewardship program involving our customers.