Bis (2-dimethylaminoethyl) Ether (BDMAEE) Amine Catalyst

BDMAEE is a tertiary amine that is used as a blowing catalyst in the manufacture of polyurethane foam.


The most common polyurethane foam catalysts are tertiary amines. BDMAEE is a strong blowing catalyst that promotes the reaction between isocyanate and water, producing polyurea and carbon dioxide gas, which acts as a blowing agent. The blowing reaction for BDMAEE can be balanced by the addition of a strong gelling catalyst, such as A-Cat-33.


BDMAEE is a strong blowing catalyst for use in the manufacture of flexible slab-stock and rigid polyurethane foam.


Gulbrandsen is able to utilize its cost effective manufacturing to provide dilute mixtures of BDMAEE to various ratios with Dipropylene Glycol, Polyol, and Natural Polyol. Gulbrandsen can also provide blends of BDMAEE with Triethylene Diamine (TEDA) and Natural Polyol.


Results are for pure Bis (2-dimethylaminoethyl) Ether
APHA Color = 100 MAX
BDMAEE, wt% = 97.0% MIN
Water, wt% = 0.50% MAX


BDMAEE diluted solutions or amine blends are supplied in 55 gallon steel drums and polyethylene steel-reinforced tote bins. The loaded weight will depend on the ratio of the dilution or the ratio of the blend components.