Dibutyltin Oxide

A white solid used in automotive coatings and as an intermediate for the manufacture of butyltin stabilizers.


Dibutyltin Oxide finds wide use as a component for automotive electrodeposition coating systems and for the manufacture of other organotin compounds such as those used to thermally stabilize PVC.


The primary use of Dibutyltin Oxide (DBTO) is in cathodically applied electrodeposition coatings in the automotive industry and for the manufacture of PVC stabilizers. The stabilizers are used to prevent thermal degradation of the PVC while heating during processing and also to reduce deterioration from exposure to ultraviolet light and weathering. DBTO is also used as an intermediate to produce other organotin compounds such as Dibutyltin Dilaurate which is used as a catalyst in the production of polyurethane foams and the “room temperature vulcanization” of silicones. DBTO also finds limited use in certain esterification and transesterification reactions to produce materials such as coating resins.


As a leading producer of organic and inorganic tin intermediates, Gulbrandsen has the capability to supply material with reduced sodium levels in addition to the normal high-purity product that we provide. All of our product is screened to minimize the level of fine powder.


Appearance = White Granular or Powder Solid
Tin Content, %Sn = 47.0-48.0%
Inorganic Chloride, % = 0.1% MAX
Weight Loss, % = 0.5% MAX
Sodium, PPM = 200 MAX
* Low Sodium grades available.


• Fiber Drums*: 220lb/100kg
• Static Control Super Sacks: 1,102lb/500kg
• Static Control Super Sacks: 1,653lb/750kg

*Available with or without PVC liners

Customized packaging is available