Monobutyltin Trichloride

Used as an intermediate in the manufacture of other tin compounds, Monobutyltin Trichloride is also used to apply tin-based coatings onto glass.


Monobutyltin Trichloride is used in the chemical vapor deposition of tin-based coating onto glass and is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of other tin compounds such as those used for PVC stabilizers.


Monobutyltin Trichloride and its blends are used extensively to produce tin-oxide coatings onto container glass and low-E coatings on flat glass via chemical vapor deposition. It is also used to manufacture other monobultytin compounds. These compounds are used as stabilizers to prevent thermal degradation of PVC while heating during processing and also to reduce deterioration from exposure to ultraviolet light and weathering.


As a leading producer of organic and inorganic tin intermediates, Gulbrandsen produces MBTC with market leading quality, using double-distillation to remove undesirable butyl tin compounds. We combine our near colorless, high-purity product with our cost effective manufacturing operations to allow you to meet the demanding needs of your customers.


As pure Monobutyltin Trichloride:
Monobutyltin Trichloride, % = 99.5% MIN
Dibutyltin Dichloride, % = 0.3% MAX
Tributyltin Chloride, % = 0.02% MAX
Tin, % = 41.0% MIN


Polyethylene steel-reinforced tote bins: up to 3,747lb / 1,700kg net weight
Other packaging is available