Stannic Chloride Anhydrous

A colorless, fuming liquid with a pungent odor finding varying uses as a glass coating, catalyst, and as a precursor in the manufacture of other tin compounds.


Anhydrous Stannic Chloride, or Tin Tetrachloride, is used to apply thin-film tin oxide coatings on container and flat glass, as a raw material in the manufacture of PVC stabilizers, as a catalyst and is used in the manufacture of other tin based chemicals.


As a raw material, Anhydrous Stannic Chloride is used to manufacture other tin based organic and inorganic chemicals such as Stannous Chloride and various di- and mono- butyltin compounds. These other tin based materials are used as stabilizers for PVC to protect it from heat as well as color and perfume stabilizers in soaps while also providing bacterial and fungal control. It is used to produce thin-film tin oxide coatings on container glass forming the foundation for a scratch resistant, durable glass surface.


As a leading producer of organic and inorganic tin intermediates, Gulbrandsen can utilize its cost effective manufacturing operations to not only provide you with the pure products you need, but can produce aqueous blends of our pure Stannic Chloride with water to meet your particular application. Our fleet of bulk containers allows us to deliver this highly corrosive material to any global location. We also offer a broader range of packaging options than available from most other manufacturers to suit your exact needs.


Appearance = Colorless to Slightly Yellow Liquid
Specific Gravity @ 25°C = 2.220 to 2.225
Assay, %SnCl4 = 99.7% MIN
Free Chlorine, PPM = 50 MAX
Tin Content, %Sn = 45.425% MIN


ISO Container loaded to 42,000lbs/19MT
HDPE Lined Steel Drum loaded to either 770lb/350kg or 880lb/400kg
30 Liter HDPE Lined Steel Drums loaded to 110lb/50kg
Steel Returnable Cylinders loaded to 185lb/84kg or 450lb/204kg

* Not all packages are available in all markets. Other packages are available upon request.