Gulbrandsen Chemicals Tin Intermediates


A clear, colorless to slightly opalescent liquid, Tetrabutyltin is primarily used as an intermediate for the manufacture of other organotin compounds.


By reacting Tetrabutyltin with Stannic Chloride, mono- and di-substituted organotins can be produced.


As the raw material for the manufacture of other organotin compounds, Tetrabutyltin is invaluable as an intermediate for the manufacture of butyltin based PVC stabilizers, catalysts and container glass coatings.


As a leading producer of organic and inorganic tin intermediates, Gulbrandsen can utilize its cost effective manufacturing operations to provide you with high quality products that will allow you to meet the demanding needs of your customers.


Appearance = Clear, Colorless to Slightly Opalescent Liquid
Density @ 25°C = 1.070 to 1.090 g/cm3
Chloride, % = 2.0% MAX
Tin Content, %Sn = 34.0% MIN
Color, APHA = 25 MAX


• Steel or HDPE Drums: 485lb/220kg net weight
• Polyethylene steel-reinforced tote bins: 2,205lb / 1,000kg net weight
• ISO Container: 44,000lb / 20MT net weight

Not all packages are available in all markets.