Core Principles

A Company Built on Trust, Responsiveness and Innovation

Our core principles are why Gulbrandsen has built lasting relationships with our customers and remained a global leader for over 40 years.


At Gulbrandsen we strive to conduct all interactions with the highest standard of transparency. If we make a mistake we are accountable and quickly act upon corrective action. It has been a founding principle to treat coworkers, customers and vendors with the same due respect and through time we have built a solid reputation. Many of our customers and coworkers have spent their career working together and trust in one another.


Acting quickly and accurately requires a high degree of training. At Gulbrandsen we are skilled in our trade craft which allows us to respond to customer requests, provide quality technical assistance or emergency response.  It is vital in our industry where minutes count, that we have the experts on the front line.    


Problem solving has been at the core of Gulbrandsen since the beginning. It is deep within all aspects of our work product. In the R&D team we are working on a better way to produce a molecule while the Logistics team is busy solving how to lower the cost of transportation by designing an innovative container. Our Technical team is working with a customer  on how to improve the efficiency of their process while our IT team is developing a bespoke automation program to maximize production efficiency.   

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At Gulbrandsen, we firmly believe that everyone is on a learning journey. This is why at the core of our culture we have developed Foundations of the Future which has become the learning platform for personal development, leadership training and professional development. We extend our passion for learning by supporting our local communities with the Gulbrandsen School for Girls that allows our employees to get involved in supporting our community.


We are driven by a platform of operational excellence in everything that we do. Our highly skilled Engineering team is built upon years of experience and are knowledgeable in every element of our operations. We driven by continuous process improvement and efficiency to deliver the highest quality products and services. 

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