A Company Built on Trust, Responsiveness and Innovation

To remain a valuable and relevant supplier, we embrace innovation in the right ways for our customers to maintain their market leadership.

It Takes Investment

We recognize innovation takes investment. Gulbrandsen invests annually in our successful and prolific R&D and Engineering people and their supporting facilities and tools.

  • 24 x 6 work cycles designed for speed of delivery
  • 30+ staff members (PhDs, MS/BE)
  • Grams scale products in the Lab
  • Kg/MT scale in Pilot Plant
  • Commercial quantity in larger facility
  • High pressure reactions
  • Autoclaves 2 gal to 1000 gal
  • Ability to handle pyrophoric material
  • Modern analytical laboratory ( HPLC, GC, AA, IR etc)
  • Full Scale Development: From Lab to Plant Production

It Takes Teamwork

A key element of our culture is promoting and valuing ongoing learning and personal growth. Our signature Foundations for the Future internal training program fosters a Play to Win mentality that helps our people embrace change as an opportunity to innovate and grow. The resulting environment allows our people to work in a high trust environment and take managed risk as we strive for innovative ways to serve our customer’s needs.

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