Successful Innovation means healthy growth; Growth for Gulbrandsen, our people, our customers and our vendors.

Why Innovate?

The world in which our customers conduct their business is constantly changing and competition is constantly ratcheting up.  To remain a valuable and relevant supplier, we embrace the need to innovate in the right ways and to do so rapidly enough to help our customers maintain their market leadership.  The alternative is to be replaced.

It takes investment.

We recognize innovation takes investment. Gulbrandsen invests annually in our successful and prolific R&D and Engineering people and their supporting facilities and tools.  Our private ownership allows to us to take a long term approach to these investments so that we can solve not only today’s needs but also tomorrow’s as well.

It takes the right mindset.

A key element of our culture is promoting and valuing ongoing learning and personal growth.  Our signature Foundations for the Future internal training program fosters a Play to Win mentality that helps our people embrace change as an opportunity to innovate and grow.   The resulting environment allows our people to work in a high trust environment and take managed risk as we strive for innovative ways to serve our customer’s needs.

State of the art R&D Facility, Jhagadia India.