Our goal is to leave the world a better place for future generations socially, environmentally and economically.

In order to live our Sustainability goal, we see the need to perform in three key areas where our actions impact the world we will leave behind for future generations.

Social Sustainability: We believe building a high trust work environment through our internal training and development program; Foundations for the Future, not only increases the speed of our innovation and customer response, it also fosters goodwill and positivity that can spread from person to person like a ripple effect.

Additionally, we believe consistently representing our trust building habits can have positive impact beyond our business borders with family, friends and the communities surrounding of our facilities.

Environmental Sustainability:  We live on this very finite planet too and we take the protection and safety of our environment very seriously. Gulbrandsen strives to integrate innovative ways to lower our operating cost AND protect our surrounding areas.

A few key examples are:

  • Transition to solar energy at facilities in North America and India
  • Integrated internal recycling processes resulting in zero discharge
  • Reduce our carbon footprint and transportation costs through more concentrated products and innovative packaging.

Business Growth Sustainability:  In addition to investing in a culture that promotes innovation and fast response to our customers, we are mindful to grow at a controlled rate that manages our financial risks and allows us to maintain autonomy over key decisions and manage our relationships for the long run.

Our proudest example of social sustainability is the Gulbrandsen School in Mujpur, India.