AERO+ Tired of the same thing...
for Like...the past 35 years?

DRY ON+ Feeling “Boxed” in lately?

AP+ - Launching 2018 A paradigm shift
in sweat reduction

The Gulbrandsen Plus+ Series

Next Generation High Performance AP Actives

AERO+ for Aerosol Antiperspirants:

AERO+: Aerosols

  • Patented Molecule Yields Enhanced Performance
  • Unique Morphology Gives Anti-stain; Anti-white Marks
  • Non Irritating

DRY ON+: Roll Ons / Gels

  • Highest Performing AP Active on Market
  • Beats Patented Gel Actives

AP +: Sticks / Soft Solids

  • Pushes the Envelop on Sweat Reduction
  • Paradigm Shift for Stick AP’s


When you select Gulbrandsen as your AP Active supplier, our strict cGMP guidelines and Quality Management systems at our two current manufacturing locations in the United States and in India ensures you will receive a quality product. Additionally, you have also selected our team of professionals who ensure your lead times are adhered to on every order. Experience our Chemistry!

Achieve Product Line:
– Conventional Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH)
– Activated Aluminum Chlorohydrate (AACH)
– Conventional Aluminum Zirconium Actives (ZAG Actives)
– Activated Aluminum Zirconium Actives (AZAG)


To experience our chemistry means…

  • To experience our Speed at which we respond to our customers’ needs
  • To experience our Innovative approach to ensuring we meet product quality and process requirements
  • To experience our R&D expertise and dedication to making things happen