Water Treatment North America Experience Our Reliability

We provide extraordinary service across North America

We have built our water treatment business over decades, one satisfied customer at a time, one market at a time.


• Phillipsburg, New Jersey
• La Porte, Texas
• Orangeburg, South Carolina

Our reputation was built by responding to the complex and rapid challenges our municipal and industrial customers face

We understand that running a Water Treatment plant means never being allowed to make a mistake.  Therefore, we understand our role in delivering when needed and having consistent quality every delivery.

We also understand that better products mean safer, easier operations; lower risk for the people with the responsibility of operating a water treatment plant.  Our technical teams strive to assist in development of products which will make the unique challenges you face in your treatment facility less challenging and stressful.

The need for clean water never changes

Manufactured at our factories strategically located in key markets, our dedication to service and high quality products remains the same around the world:

  • Innovative and adaptable solutions through a diverse product line
  • Continuously evolving to stay connected to the changing needs of our customers

– Aluminum Chlorohydrate Solution (ACH)
– Aluminum Chloride Solution (ACS)
– Polyaluminum Chloride Solution (PAC)
– Sulfated Polyaluminum Solution (Sulfated PAC)
– Ferric Chloride Solution
– Ferrous Chloride Solution
– Specialty Blends (various)


To Experience our Chemistry means...

  • To experience our Speed at which we respond to various needs in local markets
  • To experience our Innovative approach to determining the right material that works
  • To experience our Reliability delivering what you need, when you need it, with ease