Elements of Excellence

World-Class Product Quality

Elements of Excellence

Leading Product Innovation

Elements of Excellence

Logistics and Delivery Expertise

Elements of Excellence

Business Conducted with Integrity

Elements of Excellence

Inspiring Learning, Growth and Innovation

Elements of Excellence

Operational Excellence

Who We Are

Gulbrandsen responsibly manufactures world-class quality chemicals for the global market. We are experts in navigating the global supply chain logistics needed to deliver our products safely and on time. Our long-standing relationships with our community, customers and employees are built on integrity and honesty.

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Chemists - Gulbrandsen, World-Class Chemical Products


We manufacture complex molecules for process industries that are the key building blocks for everyday products

Specialty Polymers Square - Gulbrandsen, World-Class Chemical Products

Specialty Polymers

Performance Catalysts Square - Gulbrandsen, World-Class Chemical Products

Performance Catalysts

  • AL-CAT
  • AL-CAT+
  • BF3
  • BF3+
Organometallics Square - Gulbrandsen, World-Class Chemical Products

Organo Metallics

  • TEAL
  • DEAC
  • EASC
  • EADC
  • TIBA
Tin Products Square - Gulbrandsen, World-Class Chemical Products

Tin Products

  • TTC
  • TBT
  • MBTC
  • DBTC
  • DBTO
  • T-CAT 110
  • T-CAT 900
  • T-CAT B11
  • T-CAT B12
  • T-CAT B131
  • T-CAT B233
  • K-CAT 15
  • G-COAT H110

World-Class Facilities

Gulbrandsen has multiple global manufacturing sites to serve global markets efficiently.

Map background
“Orangeburg, SC” Global HQ, Production, Sales, Distribution
“Delhi, India” Sales
“Nagda, India” Production, Distribution
“Dahej, India” Production, Distribution
“Zwijndrecht, Belgium” Distribution
“Tarragona, Spain” Distribution
“Bangkok, Thailand” Sales
“Busan, Korea”, Distribution, Sales
“La Porte, TX” Production, Distribution
“Grantham, UK” Sales
“Hamburg, Germany” Sales
“Shanghai, China” Sales
“St. Petersburg, Russia” Sales, Distribution
“Dubai, UAE” Sales
“Mujpur, India” Production, Distribution, Sales
“São Paulo, Brazil” Distribution, Sales
“Manchester, UK” Distribution
“Rotterdam, Netherlands” Distribution
“Singapore” Distribution, Sales

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